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  5 Reasons why our Server Room service is vital to your business:

We offer a bespoke service to customers in and around the North of England

At your request, we will attend site and carry out a feasibility & equipment selection survey

We will write to you indicating any pre works that may be required and the equipment needed

For small server rooms we can supply, on a non operational basis, standby equipment from as little as £10 per week

All equipment supplied is in good condition and fully supported with periodic inspection & maintenance checks

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  We already have an air conditioning system in our server room. Why do we need your service?

A.  Our service is intended as an emergency backup service. All server rooms should have a permanent air con system. However, if this system fails many companies do not have a backup system in place.

Our service provides stand by equipment on a non operational basis until your main system can be repaired or replaced.

Q.  Does your service provide cover even outside normal business hours (9 - 5)?

A.  Your existing out of hours server cover will suffice as all pre-install works for the standby air conditioning will have been completed. If there is room the unit may well be in place. We will have previously demonstrated the simple installation and settings to a nominated person.

Q.  I can hire an air con unit from a high street store. Why is your service different?

A.  Its different because of the sevice level. The equipment we supply will be suitable for the job, it will be inspected & serviced regularly, "when it is needed it will work".

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